That others may be praised and I go unnoticed

Returning to social media after taking a break for Advent has led to much introspection. I noticed immediately that I was falling back into addictive patterns and that my mental health was starting to decline. It really helped me to identify some vices I need to work on: pride and envy. I have always been... Continue Reading →

Cultural Inheritance: A Blessing and a Curse

As a second generation Canadian I want to give my children something I never really had: a Canadian identity and a properly integrated ethnic heritage. Growing up in the center of multicultural southern Ontario, I have been blessed to interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds. However, I never learned to appreciate Canadian... Continue Reading →

The “S” word: A disclaimer

It's time to talk about submission. Let's face it, submission is contrary to our nature. Where there is true submission there is no room for pride, only humility and self-sacrifice. In our post-revolutionary, feminist, and egalitarian society, submission is a bad word. Wifely submission in particular is a death sentence. When women, even Catholic and... Continue Reading →


One of my first introductions to obsessive compulsive disorder was the Button Poetry performance by Neil Hilborn. I remember tearing up as he expressed his frustration and heartache. But never did I think that he and I could be suffering from the same disorder. After all, obsessive compulsive disorder had to do with repetitive handwashing... Continue Reading →

Crying for help

Newborns are incredible creatures. They are in tune with their instincts, almost like tiny animals, with reflexes they eventually seem to grow out of. As newborns, their main means of communicating discomfort is the cry. Many frustrated parents think to themselves in the first couple of months of their baby's life: If only they could... Continue Reading →

A New Liturgical Year

It is very exciting to be celebrating a new liturgical year on this chilly first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of waiting and preparation. In a way, Advent is a purgatory of sorts. We groan and cry out in pain at not yet being in His presence. We undergo purgation so that we... Continue Reading →

Authentic Catholicism

In the Catholic church today we see a divide among laity and clergy alike. Everyone has a different idea of what Catholicism is, how we relate to tradition and how the Catholic life is to be lived out. On one side of the spectrum, we have the Traditionalists who are scandalized by the fruits of... Continue Reading →

The Joy that I have

There is an incredibly catchy Spanish Pentecostal song that goes as follows: "El gozo que tengo yo, el mundo no me lo dio, el mundo no me lo dio, y como no me lo dio, no me lo puede quitar" which translates as: "The joy that I have, the world did not give to me... Continue Reading →

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