What is the True Gospel?

The true Gospel is the Good News of the Incarnation, Life, Death and Resurrection of the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. However, the question is "How can man be saved ?"  And also "How can man be reconciled to God?" And also "How can man approach the likeness of God?" Which all approach... Continue Reading →

Saint for Thee but not for Me

A lot can be said (and has been said) about the changes made to the canonization process since the second Vatican council. Many traditionalists have been forced to take on a defensive stance in light of the ever-present modernism that has infested the Church. The constant influx of information, facilitated by the internet, has pushed... Continue Reading →

Aiming for Average?

In women circles, online and in real life, there is an interesting tendency for women to pat each other on the back and encourage mediocrity. Now I understand the need for judgment-free zones. I am an imperfect woman and I don't like to be reminded of my imperfections all the time! My appearance, my sins,... Continue Reading →

What if the baby gets in the way?

I was recently asked by someone if I ever have time to do the hobbies (or studies/career) I enjoy, while being a mother. It was ironic because I recently had been thinking the same: is it possible to juggle everything and maintain a hobby? But when she asked me, the real question became abundantly clear:... Continue Reading →


Every man has a beast That's what my mother said From the greatest to the least It lives inside their head It comes out in the middle of the night When pretty girls go to sleep If you show, it will bite What you've sowed, you will reap So if you are too nice Or... Continue Reading →


I fantasize about clear I want to open my eyes and see clear I want to touch my skin and feel clear Smoothness, hairless and clear I want to tear my skin apart But I'm already broken The blood on my hands is just another token A token, a memory of broken, bruised skin I... Continue Reading →

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