A Month of Reparations

Today we have entered into June, the Month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If anyone is interested in joining me, I would like to make June a month of prayer, penance and reparation to the Sacred Heart, especially wounded for our offenses. One reparation and intention for each week: 1: In reparation for... Continue Reading →

Fiat 90 | Day 1| A retreat during COVID and while breastfeeding?!?

Fiat 90 is a women's spiritual retreat, much like the male counterpart Exodus 90. It starts today and ends on Easter. The guidelines are as follows: Do: Eat 3 mealsWake up on first alarmWork out 5 days a weeksFast on Wednesdays and FridaysGet 7 hours of sleep at nightSpend 30-60 minutes in prayerAttend Sunday massConfess... Continue Reading →

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