Aiming for Average?

In women circles, online and in real life, there is an interesting tendency for women to pat each other on the back and encourage mediocrity. Now I understand the need for judgment-free zones. I am an imperfect woman and I don't like to be reminded of my imperfections all the time! My appearance, my sins,... Continue Reading →

Fiat 90 | Day 1| A retreat during COVID and while breastfeeding?!?

Fiat 90 is a women's spiritual retreat, much like the male counterpart Exodus 90. It starts today and ends on Easter. The guidelines are as follows: Do: Eat 3 mealsWake up on first alarmWork out 5 days a weeksFast on Wednesdays and FridaysGet 7 hours of sleep at nightSpend 30-60 minutes in prayerAttend Sunday massConfess... Continue Reading →


One of my first introductions to obsessive compulsive disorder was the Button Poetry performance by Neil Hilborn. I remember tearing up as he expressed his frustration and heartache. But never did I think that he and I could be suffering from the same disorder. After all, obsessive compulsive disorder had to do with repetitive handwashing... Continue Reading →

Natural DIY Deodorants & what WORKS for me

Antiperspirants Most of my life I have had to battle with antiperspirants and commercial deodorants. Despite their antiperspirant properties, I always found myself smelling worse after a few hours of wearing whatever artificially scented gel/bar/ liquid we had around. Even the ones without scent or the "neutral" scents like baby powder, gave me a very... Continue Reading →

The Joy that I have

There is an incredibly catchy Spanish Pentecostal song that goes as follows: "El gozo que tengo yo, el mundo no me lo dio, el mundo no me lo dio, y como no me lo dio, no me lo puede quitar" which translates as: "The joy that I have, the world did not give to me... Continue Reading →


It is never easy to publically talk about one's past sin. But I have immensely benefited from the testimony of others and I would like to add to the thousands of women who have suffered because of their birth control use. I used birth control. I used it before I became Catholic, and because of... Continue Reading →

My struggle with acne

I developed faster than my peers. I started to grow hair in inconvenient places at a very young age. My breasts began to bud early. I got my period at age 8. My growing slowed down when I was in grade 6 approximately. I was a ball of baby fat, hormones and existential questions. I... Continue Reading →

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