Every man has a beast That's what my mother said From the greatest to the least It lives inside their head It comes out in the middle of the night When pretty girls go to sleep If you show, it will bite What you've sowed, you will reap So if you are too nice Or... Continue Reading →


I fantasize about clear I want to open my eyes and see clear I want to touch my skin and feel clear Smoothness, hairless and clear I want to tear my skin apart But I'm already broken The blood on my hands is just another token A token, a memory of broken, bruised skin I... Continue Reading →

Glass: A Poem

It hurt. A lot. But she kept scraping the glass. And peeling it off. It was broken. There had to be something better underneath. How many times has she done this before? Years and years have gone by. Her fingers are bleeding, scabbed and raw. From picking. Everytime the result was worse. The glass kept... Continue Reading →

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