Saint for Thee but not for Me

A lot can be said (and has been said) about the changes made to the canonization process since the second Vatican council. Many traditionalists have been forced to take on a defensive stance in light of the ever-present modernism that has infested the Church. The constant influx of information, facilitated by the internet, has pushed... Continue Reading →

What if the baby gets in the way?

I was recently asked by someone if I ever have time to do the hobbies (or studies/career) I enjoy, while being a mother. It was ironic because I recently had been thinking the same: is it possible to juggle everything and maintain a hobby? But when she asked me, the real question became abundantly clear:... Continue Reading →

Cultural Inheritance: A Blessing and a Curse

As a second generation Canadian I want to give my children something I never really had: a Canadian identity and a properly integrated ethnic heritage. Growing up in the center of multicultural southern Ontario, I have been blessed to interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds. However, I never learned to appreciate Canadian... Continue Reading →

The “S” word: A disclaimer

It's time to talk about submission. Let's face it, submission is contrary to our nature. Where there is true submission there is no room for pride, only humility and self-sacrifice. In our post-revolutionary, feminist, and egalitarian society, submission is a bad word. Wifely submission in particular is a death sentence. When women, even Catholic and... Continue Reading →

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