“If I should say anything that is not in conformity with what is held by the Holy Roman Catholic Church, it will be through ignorance and not through malice. This may be taken as certain, and also that, through God’s goodness, I am, and shall always be, as I always have been, subject to her.” –St. Teresa of Avila

I am a revert to the Catholic faith with a desire to share my story in charity. I was a born again evangelical since I was 12 years old. I delved in Pentecostalism and eventually became a very staunch Reformed Baptist. As such, I loved the Reformed method of exegesis and defense of what I held to be the gospel. However, questions about the logic of predestination and sola scriptura eventually led me to seek a legitimate, historical authority. Through much pain, I was led back home to the Catholic church.

I am a wife and a mother with a love for my state in life and a desire to grow more like the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This is my story.

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows
St. Francis de Sales

Orate pro nobis

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