Mother Church: A Poem

A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.

Jeremiah 31:15

Mother Church weeps

Her children are no more

They are buried, forgotten, under the floor

Mother Church weeps

Her children abused

They think to themselves “was the Gospel a ruse?”

Where is my brother?

My sister is dead

I’m tired, hungry

Afraid of my bed

Your language: forbidden

You are savage, unclean

Erase all the colours, the yellows and greens

Countries are found and countries are lost

Land of the free, have you counted the cost?

I don’t want your Jesus

He’s just a tool

Another white man to conquer and rule

Sacred Heart of Jesus

It beats like a drum

Constant and loving

Whispering “come”

It is mine to avenge, I will repay

The voice of Creator opens the way

Mother Church weeps

Come Jesus, bring wrath

Deliver your justice, by the power of your staff

Renew all creation

The face of the earth

By death and resurrection

Through baptism


But I dont want Jesus, he only brings pain

We are the forgotten, the vanished, the slain

Our ancestors were wise, they knew the way of the land

Your Jesus brings nothing but empty, thin sand

Not on sand, but foundation of Rock

My children I call you

Lost sheep of my flock

For I was punished and beaten

I was murdered unjustly too

I am Savior and Great Spirit

My skin is brown just like you

Stop all your talking, return what you stole

You broke up our families you trampled our souls

Not I, Not I, they were wolves in sheeps skin!

Believe me my children they will pay for their sin

Better to have millstone to neck and drowned in the sea,

When you hurt my little ones, you are hurting me

Again and again

Just spreading patriarchy

I refuse to listen again, enough with malarkey

I will stay here, my arms are stretched wide

Healing and life for you, we are on the same side

They told you the Good News but it was riddled with shame

To them it was more like a horrible game

Some saints went along and even did good

But too many were cruel, did not do what they should

So now I am here

Unsure of future and past

I am survivor, one of many but not the last

Mother Church mourns, Mother Church wails

A cross lifted high, on sea and on sails

Mother Church weeps

So many blind eyes

Why does Jesus sleep?

Another child dies

To love you is treason

Reject you I must

I have no true reason

To give you my trust

Mother Church weeps

Her children are no more

They are buried, forgotten, under the floor

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