Fiat 90 | Day 1| A retreat during COVID and while breastfeeding?!?

Fiat 90 is a women’s spiritual retreat, much like the male counterpart Exodus 90. It starts today and ends on Easter.

The guidelines are as follows:


  • Eat 3 meals
  • Wake up on first alarm
  • Work out 5 days a weeks
  • Fast on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Get 7 hours of sleep at night
  • Spend 30-60 minutes in prayer
  • Attend Sunday mass
  • Confess once a month
  • Listen only to uplifting media
  • Call instead of texting

Do not

  • Consume sweets, soda or alcohol
  • Use social media, or watch TV or movies
  • Make unnecessary purchases
  • Gossip or complain about things outside of your control
  • Multi-task

Modifications during COVID and breastfeeding

I will be ignoring all of the fasting rules except for the abstinence from sweets.

The sleep requirements will be altered on a day-by-day basis; my 3 month old sleeps more through the night but it’s still a challenge.

Mass and confession will need to be postponed since we are once again in a lockdown.


Some may ask, what the point? With so much uncertainty and so many modifications why not do it some other time?

I am doing Fiat 90 for 2 main reasons:

~Discipline and Fellowship~

Discipline in both my physical and spiritual life. I have been floundering a bit with an uncertain sleep and wake schedule. The bulk of my day is essentially dictated by the baby, which is normal for this point in my life but I need to get my prayer life and exercise routine back on track. I am hoping that Fiat 90 will help me with this.

Fellowship during COVID. I am doing Fiat 90 with some girls from twitter. We have a discord set up and we plan on having meetings to encourage and learn from each other. It isn’t perfect but I have been feeling the isolation recently and this seems like a good activity to do with other young Catholic ladies.

The time is now

My marriage (and newfound motherhood) has taught me that there is no such thing as an ideal or perfect time for something. So I could wait for a time when I am not breastfeeding or for the lockdown to end but realistically the people in charge do not seem to want to remove this lockdown anytime soon. And by the time I stop breastfeeding I may become pregnant again!

The time is now, for Fiat 90, for my short and long term goals, so I’ve got to focus, offer it up and buckle up for the long haul!


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