Smile Check!

"Roll your shoulders back! Check your posture, lengthen your back" These were the constant reminders we were given during our morning pilates session. I reflected briefly upon this while listening to a homily on the importance of living out the vocation of motherhood, in all of its sufferings, in love and joy. It made me... Continue Reading →

Unsheathed sword

In the past I have toyed with the idea of extending an olive branch to leftist Catholics; that as long as they were within the bounds of orthodoxy an attempt towards dialogue should be made. However, I have come to change my mind of such na├»ve tolerance. The ideological framework undergirding the socially liberal Catholic... Continue Reading →

Making Man

La mujer es la que hace el hombre The woman makes the man It's a phrase I've heard again and again. Mother's nudging, encouraging me to correct a perceived fault in my spouse. I've never liked the saying, it seemed to just place any of the man's misbehavior squarely the responsibility of the woman, which... Continue Reading →

Daily Birth

I have found my natural birth to truly be analogous to my everyday life with little children. Riding each surge, through peaks and moments of rest and yes, even transition. Transition is that moment in labor where the contractions come, one after the other with very little rest in between. It is the moment where... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Marriage

Today I strapped the feverish baby and the rambunctious toddler in the double stroller and took them grocery shopping. I wanted to get the necessities so my husband wouldn't have to worry about it when he got home from work and we could spend some time together. However when he got home, he told me... Continue Reading →


It's currently the cusp of autumn. The sun is sputtering about, trying to warm our faces against the inevitable and unforgiving frosty winds. The trees are green but speckled with red and yellows; hues that whisper that winter is near. I am 6 months post partum and recently have begun slowly introducing my youngest son... Continue Reading →

A Mother Reborn

I've never been a big fan of science fiction but as a child the novel Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix made a great impression on me. It relates the story of a girl named Bethany, who learns that she is the clone of her parents' first child. This child, Elizabeth, had died tragically at... Continue Reading →

A Month of Reparations

Today we have entered into June, the Month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If anyone is interested in joining me, I would like to make June a month of prayer, penance and reparation to the Sacred Heart, especially wounded for our offenses. One reparation and intention for each week: 1: In reparation for... Continue Reading →

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